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Mountain State Spirits


A new class of american cordial

Mountain State Spirits

We are Mountain State Spirits, an award-winning craft distillery, hand making a new class of North American Cordials, Bourbon Ratafias, from our distillery in the mountains of West Virginia.

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History of Ratafia

The history of Ratafia dates back to 17th Century Mediterranean areas of Spain, Italy, and France. The products were typically liqueurs/cordials made by local craftsmen in small batches and have come to include a number of fortified wines from Champagne.

‘The origin of the word ‘ratafia’ is curious. It is derived from two Latin words, rata fiat, which formed part of the following formula used to validate legal transactions in the Middle Ages: De quibus est res, ut rata fiat, publicum fecimus instrumentum (We have executed a public document concerning the matters with which the transaction deals, so that it may be confirmed). Once these words had been spoken by both parties in front of a notary, the deal was ‘ratified;’ custom then required the signatories to drink to the occasion from a bottle provided by the notary, a little ceremony which to be known as the ‘ratafia'.”

Traditional Ratafia infuses sweetened fruit and/or nuts into brandies, wine, and grain alcohols.Our modern interpretation marries Single Barrel Bourbon with these same old world techniques; Infusing whole fresh fruit and nuts with a balance of sweetness from local syrups and honey. Handmade with only the finest ingredients, our Bourbon Ratafia sets the bar as the highest quality North American Cordials.

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A True Craft Product

We believe in quality over quantity. We don’t believe in cutting corners.

We want to create the finest cordials in North America by sourcing the finest ingredients and using traditional techniques. We think our hard work and dedication to the craft is evident in our products. We strive to make positive contributions to the industry and the community.

We live deep within the historic mountains of West Virginia where we celebrate our hardworking, independent spirit. We founded Mountain State Spirits to practice Appalachian craftsmanship, applying it to make truly tasty artisan spirits.

Mountain Spirits

Our craft heritage was born and shaped by the lessons of our ancestors who carefully prepared their elixirs to elevate their spirits. Details beat deadlines, and quality rules over quantity. We are guided by a truly dedicated team and our products are becoming known for their undeniably balanced and superior flavor and for a pride of our home state.

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